Hello! I'm Anu.I live in Bangladesh. Our flat is on the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital city. It's on the top floor of a two storey house and we share a garden with the families who live on the ground floor.

Our part of the city is called Narayanganj and it is built along the banks of the river Sitalakhya. There are lots of factories and warehouses in Narayangonj. The river is always busy, with boats carrying cargo to and from Bangladesh and ports all over the world.

Rivers and boats are part of our lives.A network of rivers spreads right across Bangladesh,two of Asia's largest rivers -the Ganges and the Brahmaputra- meet here. When the monsoon rains come,in June, some areas turn into huge lakes. But the floods leave behind a layer of mud which is goods for  pants to grow in. By July every year , Bangladesh is very green, and all  over the countryside you can see fruit and flowers growing.


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