Every morning, Mum and I sit on the verandah while Mum does my hair. The verandah runs the length of the house and all the other rooms lead off it. In summer, there's always a cool breeze blowing in through the verandah the verandah windows.

I share a room with my sister, Kona. She's fourteen. I'm twelve, nearly thirteen. Kona and I are good friends and we spend a lot of time together, playing games. Ludo is one of our favorites. Our brother, Rana, is sixteen. He's studying hard now, and we don't see much of him. 

Because it is January, and the coolest time of year,Kona and I need warm jerseys in the evening.But during the day we wear cotton dresses. for prayers and for school we wear shalwar kameez-long time tunics and loose trousers. when we're older, about fifteen , we'll wear saris. 

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