Mum's in a good mood this morning. She buys the material I like and then I persuade her to bye me some matching bangles as well. To fit the bangles on, you have to make your hand very narrow by squashing your thumb on to your palm.

Next we go to kashar dokan to buy some brass. We need a new water pot and some cooking pans. Brass looks bright and shiny like gold, but itisn't so expensive. The owner puts the pot on his scales to find out the price. The more it weighs, the more it costs. 

Shopping is thirsty work. We stop at a stall to buy two green coconuts. The stall-holder slices off the tops so that we can drink from them. Mmm! There's nothing like cool, clear coconut juice when you're feeling hot and thirsty. But you have to be careful: it's hard to drink without dribbling! 

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